The school

The Voila organization is the largest educational organization in Leusden, with a secondary branch in Achterveld. The organisation consists of 12 schools with a total of 2100 students and 200 employees. The organisation represents 3 identities: Catholic, Public and Protestant-Christian education


Voila had servers in all schools. The network administrator was often present at the schools to carry out maintenance work, or to solve problems. Although the network itself turned out fine, there were also problems: if the server went out everything was silent, e-mailing was anything but smooth, installing applications was laborious. The budget for IT was significantly exceeded every year. Voila was looking for more convenience, security and cost savings.

The solution

Already in 2013 Cloudwise helps Voila to fully switch to the cloud: email, files and applications. Voila has opted for Google Workspace for Education: a very user-friendly alternative to Microsoft Office, entirely based on the cloud. The servers are gone, maintenance and backups are no longer a concern for the school. Cloudwise provides remote assistance, but fast and very personal.

The advantages

- No more servers in the school, so no physical maintenance required
- E-mail, files and applications securely in the cloud
- Cloudwise consults based on the wishes of Voila
- Cloudwise responds quickly to questions and solves problems from distance
- Cloudwise is strong in communication: personal, friendly and to-the-point

Google Workspace for Education

"We now use Google Workspace for Education at our schools. And, of course, it took a little time to get used to. But that process went quickly, because Google developed it with focus on user-friendliness: you only see the buttons that you really need. "You do not have to install the programs on each computer, but you just find them in your browser. "That's a big difference with the traditional Office programs." Google Apps are maintained by Google itself. That immediately saves a lot of headaches.

COOL: you have to see it
A strong Cloudwise product is the COOL portal, in which the Google Apps are integrated into. "A very well-organized and user-friendly 'front', which every user can organize and open programs, email and calendars. There's a lot more you can do, but you should see that for yourself in a demo."

Not complicated
"Google has the ability to not make the programs more complicated than necessary. You can get started right away. We also have the convenience that we no longer have servers in school. Cloudwise responds quickly to questions, and resolves problems just as quickly. "

"We never lose email and files. They are safe in the cloud and are also backed up without us having to do anything. People sometimes ask us if we do not worry about the security of all that data. But that risk is as big with Google as anywhere else: every IT system can theoretically be hacked. "

Voila sees the benefits. "Working remotely, the ability to easily create websites, how easy it is to hand out and create homework through the portal, reducing paperwork. So many possibilities!