Old computers, slow systems, slow internet, software that did not work or did not work properly. The previous IT at OBS De Pijlstaart was a source of frustration for the entire school. As a result, digital / online components of the learning methods were not or hardly used. And it is precisely in that area that there is much added value for students of all levels. Moreover, solving all computer problems took a lot of extra time and money. In the interests of the students, something had to be done.

The solution

OBS De Pijlstaart selected Cloudwise as a partner to help them move to the cloud. Email, files and applications: pupils and teachers can now log in anywhere and start immediately. Also at home! Now the digital learning tools are used frequently, partly due to the accessible portal that Cloudwise has developed: a user logs in, and gets a clear view of all the applications he needs on the home screen.

The advantages

Accessible user portal, adaptable per user or group of users
Smooth implementation and transition to the cloud
Very good service before, during and after the transition
Cost-saving because the number of contact hours with external IT specialists is now nil
Questions by email or phone are immediately acted on and answered quickly

Time for another way

"We were in the start of the internet era at the beginning of 2013," laughs Sigrid Hoogstad, IT professional at OBS De Pijlstaart. Frequently, computers did not start, or programs that were needed for the lesson didn’t work for at least a week before the problems were resolved. Due to the slow systems digital learning resources were used to a minimum. We were behind and when we had to purchase a new server, we opted for a different route. "

Into the cloud

Sigrid soon knew that De Pijlstaart had to go into the cloud: "This way we saved the costs of a new server, and a lot of time because security and backups are run automatically, remotely. Moreover, we wanted teachers to be able to work at home easily. That could theoretically also be done via our own server, but that was much more complex and expensive compared to the cloud. "

Working with COOL

The Cloudwise COOL platform was recommended to her: "A user-friendly portal for teachers and students. When a user logs in to the system, he automatically gets a home page with all relevant applications. Before if they needed an application, they had to go to the publisher's site, put it in their favorites, log in separately, start up, etc. That took a lot of effort, and often the program didn’t work. Now they log in and can start immediately. "

Such a difference

OBS De Pijlstaart is now fully working in the cloud with G Suite for Education. They have also replaced part of their computers for Chromeboxes. "And it works fantastic. We never have to call more external IT specialists. If we have a question or problem we email or call Cloudwise, and they start working for us. And solve it super fast. What a difference compared to before!" That also saves a lot of costs.

The transistion for the team

Major changes in the field of IT often cause resistance. "But with us that went very smoothly, thanks to Cloudwise. We made the transition in two phases: before the summer, first the email and files in the cloud, and after the summer new PCs installed and the portal implemented. In the meantime, we gave the teachers training courses to learn how to deal with them. Now the digital learning methods are often used. Everyone here is enthusiastic, of course also because they knew how difficult it was before the transition to the cloud. Working from home is also works well. "

And the students? "They are very flexible. They can now work more often and with more enjoyment on the computers. "