Something had to be done, but what?

The Good Shepherd is an independent primary school with 385 pupils. They worked with Windows and then tried to switch to Office 365 and Sharepoint. "It’s not easy to find a company that understands education." Ingeborg then got into conversation with a school leader from Filios Scholengroep. "He was extremely enthusiastic about the Chrome device he was using. We never actually thought about Chrome. "


The role of IT is very important according to Ingeborg. "IT is part of the world and the future of the students. That gives us the responsibility to integrate that into our education. "The school started with a pilot of 10 Chromebooks in one class. "We soon found out that we needed to expand the pilot." The pilot was in a Google environment, but the rest of the organization was still working with Windows. "We then said: if we go, we’ll go all the way."


During a visit to a Filios school they asked all their questions. "We wanted a transition that would be as seamless as possible for the team. It may well be difficult, but it must feel like an improvement. We have spent a school year discussing it. "

The right partner

The enthusiasm about Google and Cloudwise at Filios was contagious. "We started with a different provider, but ultimately opted for Cloudwise as a partner." A good partner means for Ingeborg and Fred: carefree process, transparency in agreements, fast service and a good price-quality ratio. But also an infrastructure with little maintenance. The switch went smoothly. "This is also because at the moment of transfer, a very competent Cloudwise employee was with us at school. We could immediately ask all our questions."

COOL platform

Cloudwise's COOL platform looked appealing. "You want a good and affordable product and you don’t want to keep telling your team: unfortunately, that functionality is still being worked on." Fred: "Children only have to log in once. They click through to the material of the publishers." Fred likes the link with ParnasSys and the central configuration of devices. "There will be more and more computers in the school, but it shouldn’t mean that we also have to lose more and more time on them."

The team

For a successful introduction you are also dependent on the involvement of the teacher. "We followed the tickling strategy and slowly let the team get used to it. That made it less scary. "They also started the IT café. Meetings for the team in which they deal with IT topics and exchange experiences. "If you bring something new to the school, you also have to make sure that your people become experts." Ingeborg: "In addition, humor is important. Keep it airy. Don’t be defensive. That helps to give confidence. "

Learning from your students

The children love to work with Chromebooks. Fred notices that children also work at home on a presentation or assignment. "They no longer ask questions to the teacher, but they explain it to each other. Or students discover something and then show it to the class via the digiboard. As a teacher you also learn from your students. "

Sharing is more

Ingeborg and Fred believe in sharing and have already visited a number of boards. "We then say: allow yourself time. As an IT professional and school manager, you should discuss what is needed and facilitate your IT staff with sufficient time. "Focus on the content. "Do not do it because Chromebooks are cheaper or because you want to participate in the latest trend. Look at what you need. "