A good internet connection is a requirement for modern education. A solution that can grow with you, is also part of that.


We can monitor the network from distance. This way we can see if something is going on and take action.


Does your current internet connection still live up to your standards? Aerohive grows with you.

Top brand quality

Aerohive is our partner and we are happy with that. A proven name in the world of Wi-Fi.

Management school network

Each school has an extensive school network. For example PCs, printers, Wi-Fi, digital boards, router, switch. We can all manage this for you. We do this through the COOL platform. As a result, the use and maintenance of a server is no longer necessary. A good internet connection is sufficient.


To be able to grow with the IT developments, a wireless internet connection is required. Cloudwise is a certified partner of Aerohive. This allows a school to start small with a wireless network and then scale it up as needed. No complicated configuration is required at the school and we can manage it for you from a distance.

VoIP and cloud printing

Telephony via the Internet, that is VoIP (Voice Over IP). With VoIP the line becomes more stable and the telephone network is ready for the future. With this you can also save on subscription costs. The advantage of controlling VoIP through Cloudwise is that we are your direct contact in the field of telephony. Printing is also possible via the internet: cloud printing. This allows you to print both at school and from your own couch. We can also change existing printers to cloud printers and manage them.