COOL platform

A platform where students can find their work and where they easily navigate to applications from publishers and other educational material. That is COOL (Cloudwise online education learning platform)

Learning platform

Pupils find all their digital educational material together in one place. They do not have to log in repeatedly and remember several passwords.

Admin in order

COOL can be linked to the student administration system such as iSAMS. This way you avoid having to do the same adjustments at several places.

Keep control

Because you can monitor digitally, you keep control of the classroom. You can see how far they are with the assignment, or that they are busy with other things.

COOL for students

Students having to remember all kinds of passwords: not very handy. Thanks to the COOL platform, students only have to log in once. That is also possible with pictures. They get an overview of all their digital materials from the publishers. They make their assignment online and get digital feedback from the teacher or from each other. The COOL platform works very intuitively on Chromebooks: children master it in no time!

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COOL for teachers

Thanks to the integration with Google Classroom, you can prepare digital assignments, have them submitted and check them. You can also see who has not yet submitted anything or give someone feedback on a paper. With COOL you can also monitor your students digitally. Handy if they are working in a different location in the building. Found a nice web app? You can set it up yourself for your group. Everyone needs to pay attention? Lock the browser of all your students’ Chromebooks.

COOL for IT professionals

Working with COOL is working without a server in the school. Managing all Chromebooks and PC’s is easy through the management console within COOL. We can create accounts for you based on the data from your student administration system. This way your accounts in COOL are always up-to-date. Logging in is possible with a Google account as well as an Office 365 account. Our integrations with iSAMS, makes it easier to manage all accounts that need access to devices and Office 365 or Google Workspace for Education. The daily synchronization between the systems saves you and your team time and also provides better data quality.

The switch

You’re ready for COOL. What’s going to happen then? We’ll come to your school for an intake, migration and floorwalk.